Eva de Vil - Femme Fatale Alpha Breakdown

Added: 13-12-2020

Femme Fatale Alpha Breakdown
I’m a touring dominatrix and you’re the bodyguard that I’ve hired to protect me while I session with clients. You’ve heard the moans and cries of my slaves through the door as I punish them, but you assure yourself that you could never submit like that because you’re an alpha.

After completing my last session, I invite you in for a drink to celebrate. Your vision blurs and you quickly black out. You wake up to me holding a blade to your scrotum, bragging about how easily I overpowered you. Don’t make a sound and don’t move an inch or I’ll slice you open like a Beanie Babee.

I relish in abusing your balls. All your training and exercises are useless now that you’re at my mercy! This is all part of my ritual. The sessions are just a warm up for the main event: you. Dominating and degrading an alpha male before I ruthlessly castrate him, stepping back to behold the art before my eyes as he drains out. Powerless and aroused, it’s common for my victims to be hard when confronted by a sexy, arrogant woman in such a frightening situation. I’ll enjoy shearing you of your big, alpha cock.

I’m almost jealous that you’ll get to experience those final orgasmic moments. I wish I could feel it myself but I do so enjoy inflicting it. As the light leaves your eyes, my wicked red lips will be the last thing you ever see.

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