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Added: 25-11-2020

Imagine out of the blue you get a video message from your ex girlfriend who you haven’t stopped obsessing over since she dumped you. She knows you still obsess over her, she knows you’ve resorted to buying her clips online. You are so excited, you watch it on your phone immediately and there she is in a sexy bikini, you know you’re fucked before she even opens her mouth! Sit back and watch her message to you while you can’t stop jerking your dick.
(Don’t let the shorter length of this clip fool you, this is an intense mind scramble from Princess Mabel.)

Remember when we used to fuck? Ugh that was so boring. I have a new man now and he has a much bigger cock than your pathetic little dick. He knows how to fuck me and I love it. My new man is wealthy and he knows how to spoil me like the princess that I am. You know I never loved you, right? Awww so sad LOL! I mean what was I even thinking when I dated you? You’re a fucking loser, it’s so obvious to everyone. You don’t even have any friends any more because I took them all because you don’t deserve to have friends, you don’t deserve a girlfriend, you don’t deserve anything lol! Do you know why? Because you’re a pathetic wimp lol!

And now you’re just another one of my loser pay pigs. You’re so obsessed with me that now that since I won’t give you any attention in real life any more, you’ve resorted to buying my clips online. It’s so pathetic. But that’s the only way you’ll ever see me like this anymore, isn’t it? You have no chance with me any more but you’re just so obsessed that you just can’t give me up, can you? I’m completely over you. I love my new man and it’s so unfortunate that you’ll never get with a girl like me ever again. The best you can do is just keep buying me gifts off my wishlist and keep buying my clips and hoping every day that I’ll give you just a little bit of attention.

You really are just so pitiful. After all these years you just can’t get over me. But you can be someone to me, you can join my stable of piggy losers lol. Oink oink. You can still be in my life by being my fucking pig and doing everything I tell you to in these videos that you can’t stop watching. You can still be useful to me by giving me money, by fulfilling my greed. You can still be one of my losers. I love watching you fall apart in front of me, it makes me so happy to know that you are not doing well, to know that you’ve resorted to becoming a loser for me in hope to even stay in contact. And do you know why I tease you so much? Do you know why I continue to make these videos knowing that you’re hanging on to my every word? Let me tell you, it’s because I love ruining you. Fucking idiot! You’re just as much of a sucker as the day I met you.

– Princess Mabel –

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