Princess Miki - A GOONER’S CHOICE

Added: 12-11-2020

** NOTE FROM MIKI: Yep, I’m “sexy Jigsaw” and this is My version of “The Game…” except you’ve been playing it this entire time. This isn’t just a kitschy little Halloween clip. It’s a reflection of your relationship with porn… and your relationship with Me.
It’s in your best interest to watch this clip alone, and with the lights turned off. Headphones are mandatory, and this applies to the preview as well. **
You’ve been playing the game, and I’ve been observing your behaviors. You already “made the choice” to be a pornosexual gooner. I’ve offered you warnings and exits in the past, but you rejected them. You CHOSE to be the way that you are, so in a sense, you’ve “lost the game.” You forfeited your chance at a normal life, and you’ve proven yourself unworthy of sex.
But it’s not over.
Like Jigsaw, I’m on a mission to wake you up. You’ve been living your life aimlessly without purpose, indulging in your desires as you rot away in your room. You’ve been comfortable where you are, stroking to porn without purpose or intention, addicted to indulging in pleasure without contributing to anyone or anything.
You’re already enslaved to porn, and there’s no way out. But maybe there’s a way to use this addiction for good…
Your fate is only partially sealed. Sure, you’re a porn addicted gooner forever, but you could apply your hyper-sexual energy toward something else, something greater than yourself: Me.
My goon cult could be the home you’re looking for.
I’m just throwing that out there, of course… but all I’m saying is… you forfeited the majority of your free will to porn long ago, so this is your last opportunity to make a real choice for yourself.
Gooning alone in your room without responsibilities or allegiances is the easy way to live. The more fulfilling, meaningful way to apply your porn addiction is right in front of you.
Make your choice.
This October, good boys will use the markup code BIRTHDAYMIKI2020 at checkout. REALLY good boys will use the markup code BIGHAPPYBIRTHDAYMIKI at checkout.

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