Kayla Kiss - Your First Time

Added: 11-11-2020

Hi! It's great to meet you! We spoke on the phone earlier this week. I helped you schedule your appointment and it's me who you'll be sitting down with today. My official title is "Sex Therapist" but as you've learned, I run my office and practice a little differently than most therapists. I want us to be open, honest, and comfortable with each other starting right now. Do you have any questions before we get started? Listen, it's okay if you are feeling shy, awkward, and intimidated. I mean, it's not like you are in this kind of situation all of the time! In fact, that's exactly why you have sought out my assistance, right? You've NEVER been in this situation before. You'd like some help with finally losing your virginity. You are in good hands here because that is what I specialize in. I want you to understand that you hired me. Which means you are in control here. You call the shots. I'm here to be...your guide. To offer you some encouragement, should you need it. To ease any feelings of self-doubt that you may have. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not going to thoroughly enjoy myself with you! My main goal is to ensure that we both have an amazing sexual experience together today! Losing your virginity can only happen once. I want to make sure that your first time is perfect. I've gotten to know a bit about you through our intimate conversations. I know that you love big breasts and I can't wait to show you mine! All you have to do is ask, and we'll do whatever you'd like together today. Tell me what you are thinking about. What you are fantasizing about. Here, let's start by exploring my big boobs together. How do you feel when you see them pop out from my sweater? Do you want to masturbate while you stare at and touch my breasts? Then do it. Pleasure yourself. Make yourself feel good. And when you are ready, let's take things to the next level! Your hands have gotten to have all of the fun so far. What about your cock!? Can I climb on top of you? I think you are ready to go all the way. But you need to say it. Tell me to take your virginity. Tell me that you want to fuck. I'm all yours after that! I'll never be able to have a first time with you ever again. But that doesn't mean there can't be a second or a third time! Schedule another appointment again soon!

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