Valentina Fox - Little Dick Beta Losergasm

Added: 28-10-2020

“Welcome back my little dick pussy free beta male. You don’t get to have sex like a real male with that small malformed disaster between your legs. No pussy for you ever. In fact I don’t think you even deserve to masturbate like a man gets to. I want you to learn to have losergasms, where your little clitty spurts without any touch. This is how you get to have sex. No fucking, no stroking, no touching, just using your little loser brain and watching what you can’t have and never will get. I’m going to mindfuck you so bad while you sit there unable to touch your little dick, that it’s going to throb and twitch its way to orgasm lol!

So let’s start having some little dick beta sex! Stare at my body and repeat the mantras I give you without touching that swollen micropenis. I’m going to give you the most humiliating mantras to repeat while I tease you with my unattainable body. Is it twitching and throbbing? Tell me what a loser you are. Ohh yeah (laughs at what a loser we are). Tell me how tiny your dick is and how inferior you are?

Think about how a real man would be pulling off my panties, feeling the hot moisture in between my legs. Feel my lips wrapped around his big manly dick. Then that sensation of sticking it in… You are happy there are real men who can fuck me the way I deserve, the way I want, right? Give thanks for the strong, confident muscular well endowed men who make us hot brats feel submissive.

Now repeat your mantras and let’s see that sissy clitty spurt. You’re going to learn to cum from humiliation only. You don’t deserve to touch it. Just let it twitch and throb in the air until it explodes. Oh yeah it’s twitching, it’s twitching, oh there it goessss! Sissy gasm. Irrefutable evidence you are a true beta loser. That’s how you get to have sex.”

File Name : 333__valentinabeta
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File Size : 720 MB
Duration: 00:09:45
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