Ivy Starshyne - Quarantined with Step-Mom - Instructions

Added: 18-10-2020

Day One: Step-Mom is optimistic! Quarantine? You guys can handle it. She isn’t working right now, so even more time for you to hang out and focus on your interests. Honey, what are your interests? She think it’s going to be just fine! All is well! Let’s be optimistic!
Day Three: Zzz. It’s time to catch up on important things, honey. Like… mmmm… catching up with my couch time… mmmhmmm…
Day Seven: CRAFTS, DEAR. CRAFTS! Step-Mom REALLY wants to CRAFT! And she’s gotten so comfortable now, hm? She’s in her bra and panties and oh boy, she sure is crafting. Not particularly well. And she seems… a bit… off. Maybe this whole thing is starting to get to her.
Day Ten: Step-Mom is… restless. A bit upset, maybe. She’s giving up on crafts. TV is boring. What now? She thinks it’s time to stop laundry, to stop any real efforts to stay normal. Why not adapt? She decides to take off her panties and bra now, and keep it that way!
Day… ?!: Step-Mom has truly found an interest in… safe sex during a pandemic! And why shouldn’t she be interested? She’s thinking some of her craze is due to her lack of partners, which she had plenty of prior… and… maybe… reading these rules will lead her to something eye-opening. Ahhh yes, it’s right there. The next safest sex partner is someone you live with.

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