Goddess Madam Violet - VIOLET FEVER

Added: 08-10-2020

I enter your nervous system and spread from cell to cell, a burning, arousing fever raging through your veins, VIOLET FEVER. There is no cure, and it is a life long affliction. It lays dormant inside every cell in your body waiting to rise again and turn you into a weak pathetic horny bitch. Ready to RAVAGE you with a pulsing throbbing burning desire to surrender, to wank, to beg…
I place you into trance without you knowing it, covert and imbedded commands ensure that you’re empty mind is gaping and ready to be fucked. You can’t resist Me, because how can you control a burning inferno of desire. It impossible. You cannot control the compulsion to stroke your dick when confronted with Me, I render you helpless. VIOLET FEVER is inside you now and all you can do is ride the waves and hope the fever burns itself out without leaving too much damage and devastation.
If you don’t acquiesce to the pure power and strength of VIOLET FEVER Then it will destroy you, resistance means pain, surrender means pleasure. You're already infected so just let go and watch it spread as you STROKE. STROKING relieves some of the burning desire and when you CUM is feels like relief…but it just makes the red hot BURN even more intense, like water after a chilli.
My whispers and moans driving you crazy, DROPPING you off the edge into orgasm

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