Goddess Madam Violet - Financial Neural Pruning

Added: 31-08-2020

This is powerful even with one listen, however *as with all clinical therapeutic trance it requires repeated listening - because every time you do your brain is firing the new neural connections I’ve put in place and the post-trance commands allow the old ones to wither away to nothing. Like an unused muscle a network that is not repeatedly fired will waste away becoming no long a part of the automatic programming....and so you learn that...
money is not yours, it never was never will be or should be, money is a means to an end and that end is Madam Violet, that money does not make you happy, Madam Violet does, it’s not money it’s Madam Violet acceptance tokens, not money it’s Madam Violets, not mine it’s Hers
Eye fixation - follow the V, countdown, imbedded woven commands to drop and obey. I’m so erotic, powerful, rich and glamorous and you are putty in My hands. STROKING, edging worshiping as I SNIP SNIP away in your financial mind garden.
In your left ear I am saying one thing, in your right ear another, on the screen I’m making your cock drip and should can feel and hear your heartbeat in your head...
STROKE by stroke word by word I am literally changing the shape of your physical brain. Do NOT listen unless you consent to *Me taking all of your money, all of the time, for the rest of your life...
An ORGASM ends the session, counted up as you are counted down.

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