Robin Mae - All Tied Up

Added: 22-05-2019

Robin has tied you to the foot of her bed, while she playfully torments you by dressing down to her lingerie,shaking her ass in front of you and callously ignoring you while checking her phone. She shames you for being such a fucking loser, and your inability to touch her while she teases you.It’s a shame you are so boring right now but so is the internet and with nothing to do, I guess tormenting you would be a good way to pass the time. Do you want to get teased ? Just kidding, she would never show you her pussy. [1 hour passes and Robin is back]Robin comes back and wonders what you’ve been doing all this time;don’t bother asking because she doesn’t care. Does little loser want to touch yourself ? Alright, she’ll let you have one hand free to touch yourself but only if you lick her feet first. Okay, that’s enough for now. Let’s release one of those hands as promised.You did such a good job kissing her feet, now it’s time to kiss her ass. Yeah, you like that ? Stop touching your cock RIGHT NOW. Your lucky she is so bored or you’d still be tied up right now. Put your face in her tits, while stroking your cock, but don’t you dare cum. You are not allowed to do that. I bet you want it really bad, I bet you want to stick your face in her pussy, but you can’t, can you. You know, she’s kind of bored of your right now so she’s going to tie you back and save you for later. [1 hour later]You are a really disappointment right now. What’s the point of having a slave if you aren’t going to be entertaining for her amusement. So she’s decided that she is going to let you cum, but your going to cum on yourself. Yes, that’s right you are going to use your own body as a cum rag and she’s going to watch you do it.So she is going to release you, and now that your hands are free. It’s time to start stroking your cock. Alright you little cum rag, start stroking your cock for her. Keep going and be a good little cum rag. Stroke to the idea that you’ll never be able to touch her little pussy as she waves it in front of you. Keep stroking to the idea of putting your tiny little cock between her tits. Do you like the fantasy that you’ll never be able to touch her pussy as she waves it in front of you ?

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