Goddess Jocelyn - I Think Its So Disgusting That You Want To Eat Your Cum

Added: 07-04-2019

I know how badly you want to eat your own cum. But why should I care if you eat your cum or not? It’s a privilege to have me watch you eat your cum. I mean cause it’s like so nasty. Yet you just want me to tease you to orgasm just so you can lap it up. Why should I do that for you? Tell me how bad you want it. Tell me how much you love playing with it once it’s in your mouth. Convince me you need it so badly.
You just love the release, the humiliation of having that cum all over your face and in your mouth. You need that so desperately that you’re here ready to beg for it. And that’s pathetic because really it’s so gross! So if you want it, you better beg me really hard. I want to hear how desperate and pathetic you are. You know eating your cum does nothing for me, I honestly don’t give a fuck whether you eat it or not.
Ok well go on and jerk it like the idiot that you are. Jerk it thinking about that huge load that you’re going to lick up. You know you’re so lucky that I’m going this for you, that I’m letting you jerk it, and most importantly that I’m going to give you the privilege of eating it for me. Because it’s fucking gross and you’re a fucking idiot.
Look how fast you’re jerking, you’re so desperate to squirt so you can lick it all up. You just love cum. It’s so fucking disgusting. I want you to shoot in right in your mouth and all over your face, you stupid loser. But before you do, I want you to beg. Beg me to eat it, beg me to squirt it all over your loser face. Beg me to degrade yourself for me. Good boy, now cum! Cum and eat it you filthy fuck! Gross! What a fucking loser you are! You’re so stupid. I hope your covered with cum. I want you to lick it off of your lips and thank me for letting you eat your own cum, loser.

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