Ashley Alban - Rainstorm

Added: 17-03-2019

Late one evening with a rainstorm raging outside you hear a knock on your front door. A girl is there saying that her car broke down outside and she asks if she can come in to wait for the tow truck to arrive. You welcome her in and she thanks you and takes off her wet jacket. She takes off her boots as well and looks down at her wet jeans. She says that wearing wet jeans is so uncomfortable and asks if she can take them off. She says it might be a little weird but she’s a cute girl so it shouldn’t be too bad. You say that you don’t mind so she pulls them off and you can see that she has a booty. She smiles, telling you that she feels much better. The girl then goes on to admit why she was out in the storm. She says that she has been feeling super horny lately so she went on Tinder to find a guy to fuck. She says that she keeps thinking about having her asshole licked so she wanted to find a stranger to fuck so she could really let her freak flag fly.
As she is confessing all of this to you she removes her shirt as well. She asks you if you have ever licked a girl’s asshole before. You say that you have and she asks if you liked it. Of course you did. She asks if you would lick her asshole tonight. She says maybe it was fate that her car broke down tonight. You get down on your knees so her big ass is right in your face. She teases you with it at first while you stroke your dick. She finally takes her thong off and spreads her cheeks. She begs for your tongue and tells you exactly how she would like you to lick her. She moans and says that it feels so good having a tongue in her asshole. You keep licking her and stroking your throbbing cock. She begs for your cum and you explode with your face buried in her ass. She giggles and says that she’ll have to hang out with you more so she can have her ass played with as much as possible.

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