HumiliationPOV - My Ass Is God

Added: 27-02-2019

You say that you’re obsessed with my ass, that you worship it and pray to it. But we both know what that really means. It means you get hard to my ass and jerk to it. And I mean who could blame you? Just look at it. I know you are. You are obsessed with it and I know that you do worship it. But you’re a little confused on what worshiping means.
You see, you jerking off to my ass does nothing for me, does it? It does more for you than for me and that isn’t exactly the definition of worship. You get pleasure from staring at it and stroking to it. Which is kinda selfish from someone who says they worship my ass. So in order to truly worship my ass, you need to sacrifice for it.
How many times a day do you think about my ass? It’s a lot, isn’t it? And how many times a day do you think I think about you jerking off to it. That’s right, never. So I think it’s time you start sacrificing for my ass, don’t you? It’s time for you to change how you worship my perfect ass.
First you’re going to start by paying it. And I know that will make your cock hard, even if you’re not stroking it. Next I want you to print out pictures of my ass and make a shrine to it. I want you staring at it every time you come home. My ass is your God and you’re going to start praying to my perfect ass. Not by jerking to it, that’s not prayer, that’s just you satisfying your own needs. I want you to bow the fuck down and pray to it. Thank my ass for giving you purpose.
I know you want to be more than a pathetic jerk off loser. You want to completely submit to my ass. You want to make my ass your purpose in life. I want you to worship my ass like the God that it is. I want you to pray to it every day. My ass owns you loser.

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