Goddess Datura DiVine - A Memento

Added: 20-01-2019

Some things are just better posthumously. You find yourself in a bare room with an antique chest. The smell of My perfume lingers in the air, reminding you that your evening had started with Me…elsewhere. But now you’re here, on your knees, not quite sure how it all happened and completely unable to look away from My glossy designer stockings. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter anyway. I talk, and you listen. I remind you of the promises you made, and tell you I intend to help you keep them- indefinitely. You see, as it turns out, I’m known in certain circles for offing men this way. Recognize Me? I smoothly elaborate on My plans for your funds, and tell you what will become of you. I even give you the secret to My black pearls, but if you’re wondering about the chest…that I cannot tell you. As for your life? It will end in a ritual. I give you the chalice, and then…, dizzy, delirious from My Daturan elixir, I make you focus on Me. Stroke…swear yourself to Me. Watch the ritual blade and with your last breath, say….

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