Domme Bomb Shell - HYP NOTIC TWINS How could you choose

Added: 09-08-2018

Hi, we finally meet. Your son always talks about you, sir. But we thought we would never meet you. All those dinner cancellations, isn’t that right, sister? Yes, we had the impression u were avoiding us, sir. But why? What father does not want to know his son’s girlfriends? Your only son’s girlfriends. Your only heir’s girlfriends, sir. I think you must be proud of your son. He reached the top dream of manhood. Dating twins! But why did you arrange this secret meeting with us both, sir? Oh, you want us to stop seeing your son. You are willing to pay us to stop seeing your son. Do u think we are gold diggers? I don’t believe what I am hearing. Can you believe it, sister? Ok, we are gonna accept your money. We are gonna break up with your son. But u must know how to free your son from our spell. So we are gonna show you how this mesmerize thing works so you know exactly how your son feels about us. Sound like a fair deal to you, sir? Good. It is very simple, your son just have to choose one of us only. The moment he decides which one he wants and send the other one away, he is gonna be free. Let us show you, sir. Each one of us have a pendant. Look at the pendants.

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