Madam Violet - Give Up and Be My Cuck

Added: 10-07-2018

You are a cuck. There’s no way round it, and yet you keep trying. STOP! Your intelligence, your money, your love they are wasted on average women….you’re destined for something better… Just listen as I explain, I know you will agree. You want me and yet you know you cannot have me, do not deserve Me and you certainly could not keep Me satisfied in bed. I want to see the pain moving inside of you as I am fucked by a real man. I want to take you from kind of normal to completely pathetic. I want you begging to eat My lovers cum out of My pussy. STROKE I know it turns you on, the thoughts, the reality maybe not so much… But as you stare at My pussy, My smooth thighs, My perfect ass and stroke, and the dappled sunlight caresses My body in a way you never will what I’m saying sounds so HOT and so RIGHT. I would allow My lover to push his tongue deep in my mouth, to finger my dripping pussy and then I will remove My knickers and allow you cuck to suck and lick them clean. My cum will become your most favourite treat, and you will crave MORE. That deep shame you feel - I will make it your substance. I PROMISE you woman NO wants your cock as much as I do. I want to lock it away and smile as it shrivels like a useless thing. All you need, cuck is your wallet and your tongue….now CUM slave…one step closer to being My little cuck… Contains: female dominatin, cuckold, slave training, mindfuck, sensual domination, goddess worship, ass worship, pussy worship, tit worship, louboutins, arrogant woman, humiliation, mesmerise

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