HumiliationPOV - Princess Miss London Lix - Your Wife Is Pregnant With Another Man's Baby - The Ultimate Cuckold Humiliation

Added: 10-06-2018

Hey honey I’m so glad you’re home I just can’t wait to tell you the news! I’m pregnant! I know! Aren’t you so excited? I know you’ve wanted this for so long. I’ll bet you feel like a man now, you must feel so fulfilled. You’re going to be a daddy. But before you get too excited, there’s a bit of an issue here, not from my perspective but you might have an issue with it. Well you see this baby isn’t yours. Sorry honey, I’ve been cheating on you. You really didn’t know? This has been going on for months. LOL! Awwww don’t look so upset. You must have known this was going to happen when you married way out of your league. I mean look at me and look at you. You must have known that you’d never be enough for me. I’ve actually been fucking a few guys, I’m not even really sure who’s the father. LOL! What you don’t like that you’ve got a hot wife? You don’t like that I’m slutty? Too bad, I am what I am and you’re going to have to accept it.I mean what are you going to do? You can’t leave your pregnant wife and have everyone find out about this. What are you going to tell them? That you failed as a man? That you failed to keep me happy? You know what they’re going to assume once they find out that I’ve cheated on you, right? They’re going to assume that you suck in bed and that you have a tiny dick which would be true. LOL! You can’t let everyone know what an embarrassment you are, what a failure you are as a man. I mean what kind of man allows their wife to fuck around on them? Only a fucking loser of a husband goes to work all day while his wife fucks around. Did you really think that your little dick was satisfying me? I do have feelings for you in some way but when it comes to sex, you’ve never been the man for me. I’ve been fucking other men while you’ve been out working hard to support our growing family. And you’re going to continue to do that. And I’ve been doing it in our bed while you work, LOL! Sex with you is so boring, I had to go elsewhere. And well now you can be the terrible man who leaves his pregnant wife or you can try to explain to people that the baby wasn’t yours. And you know you’ll never find anyone else as hot and perfect as me. And this is what you wanted, a family, and you can have it, the baby just won’t be yours. And while you’re out working hard for me and the baby, I’m going to keep fucking around. You’re going to be taking care of the baby while I go off and get fucked by my hot studs. You want me to be happy, don’t you? You don’t want to have to admit to your family and friends that you couldn’t keep a woman like me. Just think about telling them that your wife fucked other men bareback and allowed them to cum inside her. And now your wife has another man’s baby inside her. You must feel like such a loser. You’re just my cuck honey. You need to accept your new reality, that you’re going to be looking after another man’s baby. That or face a life alone with the ultimate humiliation. I don’t wanna fuck you, you’re a little bitch husband and you always were. So what’s it going to be? Oh I think I know judging by the tiny bulge in your pants, cuckold bitch!

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