HumiliationPOV - Miss Raquel Roper - Mindless Virgin Chastity Slave, Ensuring Your Eternal Virginity

Added: 05-06-2018

You’re a pure, innocent little virgin, aren’t u? I am sure people make fun of you, don’t they? People must think you’re a pathetic loser because you’ve never stuck that dick anywhere near a woman. But I love the fact that you enjoy humiliation for being a virgin, you love being laughed at and mocked. And I want to ensure that you’ll remain a virgin so I can continue to humiliate you so I’m going to put you in chastity.Read less

I’m going to lock you in this cage and I’m never going to free you. You’re not going to have any opportunity to lose your virginity now matter how much you beg. But I will allow you to go out on dates just because it would be so humiliating for you to sit there, knowing your cock is locked, knowing she could find out, knowing you could never fuck her! LOL! Not only could she find out that you’re a virgin, but she could find out that you are a virgin with no hope of losing it. You’re a virgin in chastity.

And every day I am going to dangle these keys in front of you, just to taunt you, just to remind you of what a hopeless little virgin you are. Chastity will be my way to keep you pure & innocent. It will be my way of controlling your cock & your mind. Once I lock that device, your life will never be the same.

But chastity is also a training mechanism. Because as a virgin, I am sure you think about sex and how much you want it. And with this device, I am taking those thoughts away from you. All you will want to do is jerk any time I let you out for just a few minutes. You are my eternal virgin and I am your key holder. Poor little virgin. I am going to focus you, I’m going to put your mind right where it should be. Away from sexual desires and jerking, and focused on servitude. That is what virgins deserve.

Your life will be devoted to my needs. You see not only am I ensuring your continued virginity, but I’m going to cure you of your chronic masturbation habit as I turn u into a mindless virgin chastity slave. And you’re going to thank me because as a virgin you wouldn’t know the first thing about pleasing a woman with your dick. So I’m saving you the embarrassment.

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