Princess Lyne - Edging Endlessly Part 2

Added: 08-06-2018

I know you’re horny.. and I know when you see Me on your screen you instantly have to obey Me. I also know you want to cum… but you know I’d rather just TORMENT you. See, you NEED Me to control your orgasms, you NEED Me to contral that cock of yours! But don’t worry, I’m going to have some fun with you in the process. I’m going to make you edge for Me, over and over and over.

I give you THREE cum countdowns in this clip, but you are NOT allowed to release. And just when you think I’m done bringing you right to the brink of cumming, I keep doing it! Go ahead, listen to My commands and follow along as I tell you how to stroke for Me, My little addict. But be prepared to edge ENDLESSLY for Me. In fact, after this clip and the tasks I lay at hand, you’re bound to be a PRO at edging. So what are you waiting on?

You’ve been edging endlessly for Me since I released the 1st clip over a month ago. I bet you didn’t realize it was going to be THIS long before I made a follow-up clip, huh? Well it has! And I sure hope you’ve kept track of the amount of “mistakes” you’ve made lately, as the previous clip instructed. I know your nuts are probably ACHING from all that edging… but don’t worry, I’ve got a little treat in store for them today, lol! You finally get your release… but will it be less painful than all that edging you’ve been doing lately? I guess you’ll have to buy this clip to find out…

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