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Added: 22-05-2018

You are a criminal who took control over the entire mafia business in the city within a very short time. All of the dons were found and their soldiers transferred their allegiance to u in no time. The police do not know how did you do it. I am an investigator sent to find out who are you and how did you take control of the entire city without any difficulty. After an investigation I was able to find your headquarters and sneak in there. Read less
I enter your room and I find you, the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. I tell you that you are under arrest for being the leader of the mafia and that I’m going to take you into custody. You tell me that you did nothing wrong – you are just an innocent woman trying to make her way in life. I ask you how did u take over all of the mafia business and you tell me that you can tell me but this may be dangerous for me. You start to tell me that all you had to do was this: you start exposing your breasts while casually saying that when you were growing up you noticed that people tend to have a weird response to the sight of your naked breasts. Apparently, your breasts are so perfect that seeing one of them causes the looker to get into a helpless state and be practically paralyzed. You then reveal one of your breasts and I cannot move and also cannot stop staring at your perfect boob. You then laugh and disarm me while I’m getting very aroused. You tell me that showing one breasts to the mafia soldiers made them your slaves. Anyone with a weak mind cannot resist even the power of one of your boobs. Then you tell me that the dons, who were smarter has a much stronger mind so you needed to get rid of them. I try to resist and you start laughing as I cannot resist your perfection. You tell me that you are going to get rid of me like you disposed of all the mafia leaders. You tell me that seeing both of your naked breasts for more than 10 seconds literally destroys the mind of any looker… Even women! When both your breasts are bare together any looker becomes so aroused and start cumming endlessly. Cumming so much is very difficult on the body and at a certain point they just collapse top the floor powerless and then you simply smother them with the breasts that led to their destruction. You ask me if I want to see both of your breasts knowing that it will me. As much as I want to live, I cannot resist your perfection and I tell you that I want to see both of them although I know that it would be my demise. You laugh and say that you get the same answer for this question every time. No one can resist you. You then reveal your second boob, count down back from 10 and start laughing when you see me start cumming already at 8. You then wait a few second until I’m totally exhausted, u come close to me and tell me that no one is going to stop you, especially not someone as week as me. You then start laughing as you smother me with one of your boobs and everything fades to black…

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