Goddess Madam Violet - Deep Hipno Drip

Added: 26-04-2018

Nearly 30 mins of professional mind-fuckery…culminating in a sticky wet patch and a very happy slave. You’re in for a treat! Once I have you in a state then I will fill your body with pleasure, amplify it, anchor your body and mind to a state of loss of control arousal, and then amplify the pleasure some more OVER and over until it must FORCE it’s way out of your body.

I command you to relax your body as you stare at My magnificent breasts, leading you into trance. Nothing feels better than when I say *DROP* and snap those red nails as you plummet…except for when I do it again and again…Keeping your conscious mind distracted with My juicy tits and plum RED lips I talk directly to you subconscious who OBEYS.

I command you to rub you cock through your pants. Taking you deeper all the time you I tell your mind to go back when you were younger and could not control those boners. I take out My big round tits as you access the times you’d get hard at the slightest TRIGGER when you could cum in your pants. I anchor you to this out of control AROUSED state a the SNAP of My fingers and the trigger word *DRIP* relentlessly increasing your arousal as you RUB that cock through your pants.

By the time you see My inanely hot tits it’s just a matter of time until your cock explodes in a twitching frenzy…*DRIP* you may even cum before the trigger because you’re SO out of control, so HORNY, you’re going to cum in your pants like a dirty little boy, *SNAP* you’re going to make a big mess in your pants for Me because you cannot help it…MY good boy…no self control around Me -just the way I like it!

Contains: hipnosis, deepeners, pmr, NLP, finger snaps, trigger words, mental domination, countdowns, cum countdown, masturbation instruction, red nails, tit worship, topless, sensual domination,

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