HumiliationPOV - Princess Kelly Sunshine - Hyp n0 t!c Blackmail Trigger Word Brainfuck, Ruin Yourself

Added: 20-10-2017

I have the power to make you do whatever I want. I am the only one who can get u into that mind state where nothing else matters. And I can use this power to destroy u, because once I hypn0 t!ze you, u will have to obey me. And your weak mind so easily gives in to me. So just relax & stare at me and daze out, just let all of your thoughts disappear. Let me inside of your weak mind. Just listen 2 my sweet voice in your brain, let all the other thoughts in your mind go away. Read less
All you need to do is to listen and obey. You are falling deep under my spell as I take u down deeper than you’ve ever been.

It’s so easy to get u where I want you, I am going to fuck up your head worse than ever before. I am going to humiliate u in a way that you can never come back from. I want u 2 get really stupid for me because I want to ruin you. Now that you are nice and pliable, I want you to get naked and get a marker and write, ‘Kelly’s Bitch’ across your chest. And you are gonna take a picture for me. I know you are head is feeling a little dizzy right now but it is ok, just obey. Nothing feels better than obeying me.

Now while I have u in this weak mind state, completely hyp n0 t!zed, I can make u do anything I want. Now open up your email and type in your boss’s email address and attach that photo. Then save that email as a draft. I am not ready to ruin u quite yet, I want to extend this, & I know you’re loving it too. Your cock is throbbing. I’ve got u so fucked up that I’m going to make you blackmail yourself. I am going to plant a trigger, deep in your mind, and that trigger is, ‘Ruin Yourself’. And when you hear me say that you’re going to click on that draft & u r going to press send like a mindless robot. You won’t be able 2 stop yourself. You’ll be helpless to stop yourself.

You’ll lose everything, your job, your wife, your friends. You don’t want me to ruin you do you? So if you don’t want me to destroy your life, you will obey me. And it’s too late now, the trigger has been planted. It is out of your control. So you will do everything I say for the rest of your pathetic fucking life. I hold all the power. And you are not going 2 remember a thing when I take you out of this trance. The only thing your mind will remember are these triggers that I’ve placed in your stupid little mind.

– Princess Kelly Sunshine

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