TheTabithaJane - Femme Fatale Girlfriend

Added: 18-11-2023

You've been my boyfriend for a while, and I had a sneaking suspicioon you were about to find out the truth: I'm a skilled assassin. You catch me putting away my tools, thinking we can have a chat about it. However, you're now a liability I can't have. I'm saddened, ut it has to happem. Now you're a job. You admit you've known for a while and it's kinda hot. You've had a femme fatale fantasy for a while, it turns out. I think it's cute and sexy, so I decide for my last time having sex with you to be all you could ever want. I have you bound and I'm teasing you with my body, happy to see how nice and hard you are. Even as I wave my tool of torment in your face, you're super erect knowing you're going out with a bang. I take off my pants and mount you, riding you different ways and exerting my power over you. I tell you how I'm going to blow you away and it only makes you more and more aroused. It gives me the ultimate power trip and we edge as I ride and tease you. Finally, you cum in me and the trigger goes off multiple times. I notice though that you're still hard, so you're still in there, listening to me. I chat with you a little bit, whispering about how fun you've been and how I'll miss you. I know I have to end the job, but I'll think about you forever. I'm glad to be the last person you ever orgasm with in this final breakup scene.
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