Buddahs Playground - Beta Loser Shaming Humiliation Task and Verbal Degradation

Added: 17-11-2023
Buddahs Playground - Beta Loser Shaming Humiliation Task and Verbal Degradation

Sometimes I can be mean. Really mean. You are so addicted that my cruel behavior doesn’t stop you from coming back for more. I almost feel like saying "I'm sorry" for what I am about to make you do, but we both know those words aren't even in my vocabulary. Take your punishment and do this task now.
 You were trained to get turned on by tits and pussy but today I am replacing that part of your brain with a new set of BETA TRIGGERS. You won't get hard for a beautiful Alpha female anymore. Instead you will only want to jerk when you are flipped off, flashed the loser sign or verbally humiliated.
That is because you know that you are a loser. You know that being a true Beta bitch like you qualifies you for absolutely nothing other than to be my puppet and be used for my entertainment.
 You are nothing more than a mere puppet in my game of superiority. I will always be above you. I am a strong, beautiful Alpha female and you are nothing. I wouldn’t even be talking to you if you weren’t buying my clip right now.
 I have plans for you. Yes you will be very embarrassed and would never want anyone to find out what I am making you do today. I am not telling you what I am going to do here in this description. A loser Beta Bitch has to buy this clip to experience the wrath today.
 You must also pay your Beta bitch loser tax  or use some other mark up code at check out. Why? You don’t have the backbone to ask me that. Just do it because I told you to.
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25%    Markup- BITCHBOY
 50%    Markup- TRUEBETA
 daily gift-$12.99
LOSERTAX-$28.00Mehr lesen
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