Cruel Girlfriend - Mila Amora - Beta Girls Get Treated The Worst

Added: 11-11-2023

Look at you all grown up - it's hard to believe you were that chubby little nobody we all used to bully in school. Your good job, your nice clothes and everything - but underneath I still know what you are. You're the beta-girl whose life we made a fucking misery. While I was busy being Miss Popular - dating the hottest guys you were getting rejected and ignored... and you know why? Because guys don't want to fuck chubby, plain girls like you.
Look at yourself and then look at me. Look at my hot-girl body, my pretty face and perfect hair. Look at my toned stomach, my big tits, my cute ass. I am literally perfect. You on the other hand - eughw! You'll never compare to a girl like me - you obviously never work out, you have no clue about makeup or how to look after your hair, you're chubby and ugly. You know what I'm gonna do to you, little miss average? I'm going to give you a makeover and get you laid tonight. Me and all the popular girls from school are going to dress you up in clothes far too short and way too tight for a girl like you. We're going to over-do your makeup and hair and then we're gonna drag you to the hottest club in town.
You are going to stand out a fucking mile! The club is gonna be FULL of girls like me looking flawless and then there's gonna be you - dressed like a try-hard wannabe! Everyone will be laughing at you - but I promise I'll get you laid tonight. I'll drag you into the middle of the dancefloor and make you dance with the ugliest guys we can find... they're still too good for a beta nobody like you though, right? Dance for us fat girl - make the popular girls laugh! Now come with me - it's time to find you some cock...
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