Cruel Girlfriend - Mila Amora - Binge On CEI To Turn You Gay

Added: 11-11-2023

You need our Cum Eating clips, faggot - you need to watch them all because the more of your cum I make you eat now the easier it'll be when you have to eat someone else’s. That's what this is for - you do understand that right? Why else would hot girls like me be making you eat your own cum if it wasn't training you to be gay? You're being mind-fucked and conditioned into being a faggot. You're watching humili-porn, staring at pretty girls as they tell you to cum into your own mouth. We're turning you gay, faggot! We've been tricking you for months, making you think we ENJOY seeing you eat your own cum, making fun of you - like it's just for our amusement. No faggot - we have a bigger plan for you and that plan is full-faggotry! We've made you binge on CEI clips just to turn you gay... and it's fucking worked hasn't it. You don't even need my pretty face telling you to eat cum anymore - you'd do it for cock now. Maybe you still need a hot girl's cute voice manipulating you into doing it - telling you to cum directly into your own mouth or making you lick your own cum from the palm of your hand but soon you won't need that at all. Soon you'll open your mouth because a MAN has told you to. Soon you'll submit to cock completely. Every CEI clip you watch takes you a step closer. Every time your mouth fills with your own icky slime and you gulp it down on my command - it takes you a step closer to being a full cum-eating faggot. I'm going to make you binge on CEI clips over and over until you are gay - and then I'm going to make you do it for real - I'll make you swallow another man’s cum.
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