Princess Miki - Findom is Sex for Losers

Added: 09-11-2023

I know you love to get off, but why do you want to resort to such unconventional methods? Can't you just masturbate to hot girls like Me, fully undressed, masturbating or — better yet — getting pounded and screaming in ecstasy? Most who watch porn tend to opt for things such as that.

But not you. It's not fun when you know you can't be those guys on screen as an undesirable man. You wish you could be, but you're smart enough to know that you could never get with a hot porn star. You can never get with Me, either, but you know you can spend on Me.

That's the only kind of connection you can have with Me, and it's hot. It's hot as fuck, actually, and that's how you said bye-bye to vanilla porn forever.

When you spend on Me, it's like you're making love to Me. It's the only way I pay attention to you, and it gets you off like nothing else. You get off to reality when you're being used financially and psychologically, unlike wanking to porn that you can't replicate in real life.

You can't make Me wet with your undesirable cock. You'll never get near My pussy. But you CAN pleasure Me with cash. See? It is like sex.

For those of you who haven't had a taste yet, I'll ease you through it, to show you how good it feels. Send just small amounts, and see how good it feels. You'll forget about your regular jerk off sessions forever as soon as you dive into findom.

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