Club Stiletto - Goddess Mahina - I Love MY Power Over You Now taste MY Juices

Added: 06-11-2023

Goddess Mahina is on the bed brushing her hair and talking about how she uses her step-brother as her toilet to fluff her boyfriend and his tongue to clean her up wherever she's dirty, be it her body sweat, her ripe ass or her cum filled pussy. During this scene he is locked in the closet as she wants some alone time with just you and her. "This power turns me on" she says as she starts playing with herself. She tells you she is a huge squirter and wants to spray in your face, so you'd better be thirsty, but first she wants you to lick and suck her feet and earn the honor of a shower. Her feet and toes are exquisite and you get a lot of close up action here as she tells you to worship them.
You can see and hear how much the Goddess is enjoying herself and you'll be longing to do anything to be in her presence as she lays naked on the bed. "Are you prepared for a lot of suffering?" she asks you. "Just a little suffering to taste my juices" she adds as she slides her fingers deep into her pussy. She tells you that you will also lick her ass and suck her lovers cum out of her ass... because she loves having her ass fucked. While she talks how her mans cock feels up her ass she closes her eyes and starts really rubbing and fingering herself. "Come up close and open your mouth, I want you to drink all my juices" she tells you. Over the next minutes Mahina expels enough fluid to soak the bed and you, amazing really. "You're such a good fucking slave, now lick all my juices up" she orders you.
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