Humiliation Pov - Lucid Lavender - Brainless Drooling Mindlocked Gooner Triggers

Added: 02-11-2023

In addition to the visual effects, this clip is filled with audio triggers and subliminal messages that will overwhelm your brain and reprogram you.

I require you to have something in your mouth to gag you. If you don't have an actual gag, use a sock or some panties, I don't care what it is, if there's not something in your mouth you will not get the full experience out of this video.

I know you wanna touch. I know you're gonna drool. I know you can't help it. Your mind is just too weak at this point, isn't it? From all the videos you've watched. Where is your brain after that? Do you have any left? Your mind is on autopilot every night when you get home from work and you know you have some videos that you really wanna watch. So you go in your room, you put them on, and you goon. And that's where you are right now, isn't it? A mindless little boy.

Is your mouth salivating yet? Is there a pool of drool collecting in your mouth, just waiting to drip out, run down your chin.. why don't you aim it at your cock? Get it nice and wet and sloppy. And start to jerk it. I can see your blank stare, there's nothing up there. Just staring at the video, hand on your cock, drool coming out of your mouth. You must be quite the sight right now. But it's nice to know that you can come to this place, isn't it? Nice to know that you don't have to think. Maybe it's too much for your little boy brain. It's hard to think, isn't it? Right now it's hard to do anything except stroke that cock. And watch. Nothing else exists in the world right now. Just you, this room, your screen, your gag, all nice and drooly.

I wonder how fast you could cum? I wonder if you ever get through a full clip. Or do you always pop beforehand. You pop before it's over and you just sit there, nothing going on, just watching the rest of it covered in your mess, covered in your drool, still haven't taken the gag out of your mouth. That's how I know that you're gooned, when you can't do anything else except sit in your chair in your mess. And I'm just getting started. I'm going to implant a trigger and you're going to feel your gag getting tighter, the drool pouring out of your mouth. I'm going to implant a trigger and you're going to lose even more control than you already have. You're going to feel humiliated.

You're going to look out at yourself through those lifeless eyes and that drooly mouth, your hand just mechanically going up and down because you can't even control that, can you? You can't control anything. I'm going to implant a trigger and you're not going to know anything outside of this experience, outside of jerking your cock. I'm going to implant a trigger and every day you're not just going to want to, you're going to need to come here. You're going to need to watch one of my clips because without it you just don't feel complete. I'm going to implant a trigger so that you know you're nothing more than a goony little mess of a boy. Because that's all I see when I look at you. That's all I'll ever see because that's all you'll ever be to me.

I'm going to implant a trigger and you will lose control. You don't even want the power, do you? I'll happily take it. I will implant a trigger so that you willingly hand it over to me. There is no other way. I'm the one you're drooling for. I'm going to implant a trigger so that you're worse than you already are. Yes, it can get worse, it can get much worse. You're drooling more, the gag is tighter, your hand starts moving faster and faster and you can't control it, you can't stop it, and why would you want to? When it feels so good to lose control, doesn't it? It feels so good to have that taken away from you and that's why I'm here. I'm here to implant that trigger and you'll ever come back. You'll never come out of this. This is who you are.

Stroke your cock, lose control. You can cum, you can make a mess of yourself. Drool and cum, all splattered on your floor. You can't help it. It's like you're trapped in some mental bondage, like some kind of trigger was implanted to make you like this. It's not your fault, is it? I wonder who wants you to be this drooly, goony little mess? Who benefits from it? I wonder what type of person wants so much control taken away by someone who they've never even seen in person? How easy it is to make a boy like you mine. A boy who only thinks of himself as this. Wide eyed, not able to take your gaze off of the screen, why would you want to? I know how much you need this. I know how much you need me. I'm glad that you'll never be able to break free.

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