Goddess Serina - The Price of Pleasure

Added: 31-10-2023

I can see that you're eager to please me, and I'm going to make it worth your while. But you know the rules, don't you? You belong to me, and that means that you need to give me what I want. You want to feel the thrill of submitting to me, of giving me everything you have. And I'm going to make it feel so good for you.
You see, I don't just want your money. I want your obedience. I want you to do everything I say. And that will give you the pleasure of serving me, of being my loyal little piggy.
Now, I want you to take out your wallet and look at all the money inside. That money belongs to me. You earned it, but you earned it for me, it's mine now. And you're going to give me even more. You're going to give me your balls. I want to do things to them. And you're going to say yes goddess, happily, when I tell you to spread your legs and stand still.
And if you're a good little piggy, I'll reward you. I'll let you know how much I appreciate your service. But if you're not obedient, if you try to resist me, then I'll punish you. I'll take away everything you have, and you'll be left with nothing. But I know you won't do that. I know you'll be a good little piggy for me.
So go ahead, give me your money. Give me everything you have. And feel the pleasure of serving me
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