Club Stiletto - Goddess Amelia - Sun for Me Ass for you

Added: 13-09-2023

This is a POV... just you and Goddess Amelia. She is in the yard holding a collar and leash. It appears her slave has escaped overnight, or maybe been stolen by another Mistress or maybe by the gay biker gang down the street, so you've arrived just in time. She brings the collar up to your neck and you are now her slave and will be tasked with licking her ass and keeping it clean for the day. First Amelia leads you through the yard on all fours but only briefly as she really just wants to lay in the sun and have you smell and lick her ass.Before she lays down she goes on all fours and waves her massive butt cheeks in your face. Her ass really gyrates and bounces, like jelly, and when she pulls her panties to the side you will be eager to lick up and down her ass crack. "You should really thank me because I never wiped my ass this morning" she tells you. Now she lays on her stomach and wiggles her ass some more before pulling her panties to the side and farting. "That's just a taste of what you are going to get" she tells you, saying she plans to make you her full toilet. Suddenly Amelia spots her other slave crawling out of the bushes, he must have just gone to do his business. She tells you that you and the other slave can fight over her ass and feet, "Sort it out in your own way" she says. She closes her eyes and falls resting, she expects two slaves tongues all over her when she wakes up. More
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