GoddessMayHere - Custom Clip - Sorry Detective

Added: 08-09-2023

"you are wearing a short skirt, sheer black or tan pantyhose and a sexy top that shows your cleavage Heels of course. You are being questioned by two Detectives after being arrested for being the most wanted hitwoman. While being questioned you are defiant and uncooperative. You are sitting crossed leg. You start to seduce the Detectives with your crossed legs and cleavage to the point they are getting uncomfortable. You tease with your tongue and verbal. The sound of your pantyhose as you sit crossed leg is memorizing them. . You take advantage. One Detective is called out to take a phone call. You seduce the second Detective while he is gone. You make him crawl over to you to worship your crossed legs. The view is him looking up at you. You allow him to touch and worship your legs. As he is you tell him your pantyhose are laced with poison. He can’t stop. As he is is expiring and gasping for air you tell him he and and his partner were your targets. He falls to the ground. The other Detective returns to see him on the floor. As he is attending yo him you tease him with your crossed legs. He is trying to help his partner but can’t stay focused. You finally make him submit to your legs. You make him worship your legs. As he is you tell him they were your targets. That you laced your pantyhose with poison. How weak they were. He falls to the floor. You stand over him looking down at him. You grab his phone and call your employer. You say the job is done….."
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