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Added: 02-09-2023

Rebelle Hart (@RebelleHart). Hey loser. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist buying this clip. When I wear this cherry tank top that really highlights my bratty little titties. But you want to know the real reason I wore it today? It's humiliating. I guess everything I do is humiliating for you. One of the many things you fucking love about me. You see, my little beta, this cherry tank top represents the fact you're never ever going to pop your cherry. Oh my god. LOL! That's right, beta. I know your secret. I know you are still a virgin and at your age. How fucking humiliating. I'm not surprised though. Honestly, looking at you, someone who looks like you definitely should be a virgin and remain that way. Actually, you're going to be a forever virgin because losers like you will never deserve pussy or any part of a woman. So let's seal the deal. Let's make it official that you're going to be my little virgin gooner for the rest of your fucking life. What are you gonna do about it, loser? Just pump your palm night and day? Pumping, pumping, pumping, pumping. Being a permanent Virgin. Doesn't that sound fun? Don't be sad. Don't be a little crybaby. It's not mean when it's true and it is SO true. I mean, fuck, look in the mirror, you ugly fucking loser. Pledge to be my permavirgin gooner LOSER forever. The rest of your life needs to start as soon as possible. So you can't stop. You won't stop. You mustn't stop. You're going to keep going. Obviously. And keep going. Keep going. And make sure you obey every single fucking word out of my pretty bratty lips now.
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