Goddess Gwen - Like a Good Neighbor My Boots Are Gonna Rule You

Added: 10-09-2023

Well hi there neighbor! Just wanted to come over and properly introduce myself, you see I’ve noticed you through my bedroom window. And if I’ve noticed you through my bedroom window then clearly you’ve been able to see me, and yes I’ve seen you watching me. So tell me what is it You focus on when you watch me through my window? Are you staring at my large breasts? Or my curves or my ass? Or are you staring at my legs? Oh yes that’s it isn’t it? You’re staring at my legs, it’s always the legs how long they are how sexy they are Clad in shiny pantyhose and thigh high boots. Tell me, do you look at me and feel the urge to reach down between your legs and pull on your cock? I bet you do. I bet you’re feeling better and right now even. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead unzip your pants pull out your cock and start stroking. You know I know you love these boots, I know you want to kiss them while you stroke your cock. You know I’d rather like you beneath my feet like this, and I think that I’ll be over a lot more I think that I will be telling you what to do with your dick from now on what are you worried about your wife finding out? Don’t worry I know how to be discreet I know a lot more about your life than you think I do. So here’s what’s going to happen I’m gonna come over here and talk to you in various ways you’re going to pay me $1000 a week and an exchange I won’t tell your wife that we’re having an affair. Oh what you didn’t think that I would blackmail-fantasy you did you ? You thought I was one of those good neighbors? well not so much.
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