Humiliation POV - Mandy Marx - 2 Hands Free Ruined Orgasms and 1 Full Draining (3 Orgasms!)

Added: 26-05-2023

Mandy Marx!
Youre already so horny, arent you? Are you stroking your cock yet? Because you should be, you should be a very horny jerk boy. I want you to get really excited and really, really close. I wanna see how fast you can get really fucking close because Ill tell you right now, Im going to make you ruin your orgasm. Youve stroked yourself and teased yourself and denied yourself and now its time to ruin yourself. Faster and faster. Stroke to my rhythm. Use both hands. I want you to take one hand and cup the bottom side of the head of your cock, that will feel so good.
Now faster and faster and now back to one hand. Good boy. Now pull your balls up and cross your legs tight so your balls and your cock pop up and now I just want you to pump hard and fast for me. Now when you get really close, youre going to take your hand off and youre going to ruin it. Do you understand? Now get yourself right to the edge then take your hands off and youre going to have a no hands little squirty and youre just going to take it. So pump boy and youre going to cum for me hands free and ruin your orgasm. In 3, 2, 1! Let go.
Well that was a good warm up. Now hold the base of your cock with your non dominant hand and run it back and forth on the underside of your cock while you jerk it with the other hand. And I want you to work yourself up really fast because youre going to ruin it for me again. Youre going to cum again in 10, 9, 8... 3, 2, 1... Let go. Ruin it. Let it all pump out. Do you really think you can keep up? Can you go all day?
Well that was another good warm up. Now stroke with just two fingers, see how close you can get with just two fingers. If you can get it really hard with just two fingers after two ruined orgasms well then I might just take my dress off. Stroke it boy. Stroke for me. Youve been such a good boy working on all those ruined orgasms for me. Its time to let you have the thing youve earned. Thats right, you can have your whole hand now and Im going to drain you. In two minutes Im going to drain you. Thats right, thats how long you have so savor it. And them Im going to coax it all out of you. So stroke boy. Ride that edge, I want you at the point where it just feels so good that you dont want it to end.
You just want to pump it on the edge and stay here with me, in this moment right before, for as long as possible as we stare into each others eyes. Pump it, pump it, savor it. Im going to count you down and you can keep your hand on it this time, youve earned a full draining. 10, 9, 8.... 3, 2, 1... Give me all your cum. Thats right boy, drain it all out.

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