Humiliation POV – Lucid Lavender – I Cant Stop Thinking About You Being In Chastity Can You

Added: 25-05-2023

I want you in chastity. I want that cage on your cock and I want you to click that lock shut for me. And I know you want that too because you’re here. You bought this clip so obviously you’re interested. I want you to do it for me, for us. It’s really for your own best interest. I don’t know if you know how good chastity feels, especially when you’ve done it for awhile. I don’t know what you’re used to, days, weeks, months. It takes a special kind of dedication. And I know you can do that. I believe in you and your dedication and commitment. And I believe in your discipline. And I truly believe I can encourage you to achieve those things. There’s just something different and sexy about being in chastity, isn’t there? It’s like why would you lock up your cock, your cock is such a great thing. It’s just that there’s still something taboo about it. I mean I didn’t even know what it was for so long, and then I found out, I started to understand it, and then I really got it. And now I make my boyfriend wear one. There’s just something about feeling the weight of that cage under your pants, feeling that weight pulling on your cock. Constantly being reminded of me. Reminding you of why you’re doing this. It’s going to make you a better men, a better boyfriend, a better husband, a better person, more disciplined. Less mindless goon. I wish I could see you clicking that lock in person, to know that you really did it, to know that you’re not just stroking to the thought of doing it. To know you’re really in a state of chastity. And knowing that it’s affecting you right now as you watch this video. Because maybe you’re used to buying porn and stroking and stroking. But when you’re in chastity you can only tease it, you can only be frustrated, until it’s time for you to take it off. And how long will that be? And I’ll be the one to decide that but it all depends on how long you’ve been in there before, and how does it feel to be in there right now. Is it frustrating? Do you like teasing yourself by stroking it or putting a vibrator up against it? How does it feel to be sitting right in front of me and your cock is locked away? Do you feel docile? Do you feel respectful? Soon I won’t even have to tell you to put in it on, you’ll just want to, to be respectful. You want to respect me and respect yourself. You want to prove that you can do something like this and do it for awhile. Push yourself. You’re just taking your cock and putting it in a cage, it’s not that bad. It’s kinky. I mean the only thing you’re putting at risk is your sex life, or rather your masturbation life. Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about a guy being in chastity, can you stop thinking about it? I know you and I know you’re wearing your cage for me right now. I know you’re being a good chastity boy. I know you want to prove yourself. You can’t just put a cage on and say you’re a chastity boy now, no, you have to earn it. You see I love boys who hand me their key and tell me that they’re mine and they beg me to keep them in there as long as I want. And I will. Even when you beg me to let you out. What I love about chastity is the mental and physical control that it creates. Don’t you?
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