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Added: 07-09-2023

(no penetration is shown, it's all implied off-screen!!) I'm your sister and I rush into your room, totally freaking out because I smashed our parents' car!! They're going to be home soon and I'm going to get in SO much trouble, will you take the blame for me? I'll do anything for you if you do!! You agree and I'm so happy, what can I do to make it up to you? Your homework...? You tell me you want to fuck my ass and I'm shocked!! OMG I could never do that! I start bargaining, what about a handjob? A blowjob? Whenever you want? Come on, I'd suck you off in between classes at college! What about my pussy?? I'd even let you give me creampies all the time!! But no, you insist that you only want to fuck my ass. I have no choice and I agree, dropping to my knees to see that you have a massive cock. I ask you to only put in the tip; I've never had sex before and your cock is so huge! I bend over the bed and pull down my panties, and you can see the shocked expression on my face and hear my moans as you push your dick into my tight asshole. Clearly, you don't stop at just the tip and I tell you about how I can feel you putting every inch inside me! I ask if you're getting close, and you give a few big thrusts and shoot your load in my ass. After you pull out, I can feel your cum dripping out of my ass and I collapse on the bed. I tell you how I probably won't even be able to walk tomorrow and, moving carefully, I pull up my panties and waddle out of your room.

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