Miss Mackenzie - Merciless and Repeated Edging to Headmistresss Fully Fashioned Stockings

Added: 07-09-2023

I have brought you into my office because I have noticed how distracted you are by my stocking covered legs. When we have our private lessons together all you do is gaze at my legs and I know that when you are alone you are playing with yourself constantly. This is no good for you, I need to teach you a lesson that will help you through life and give you a far great ability to concentrate and achieve great things. This will be the first of many sessions and in these sessions I will make you edge your cock over and over, taking you so close to the edge your eyes will be watering. You will never cum again, not even in private, only ever stroking yourself right to the point that you think you cannot return from, but you WILL always return! I invite you closer and I sit down so you can see the full length of my sexy stocking legs including my suspender straps. With my legs crossed I tell you to remove your trousers and pants, and I can see you are already hard. I tell you to start stroking, telling you exactly when to speed up and when to slow down. I tell you how important these sessions are and how regular they will be as I cross and uncross my legs, teasing you as you stroke. No matter how much I tease you must stay focused and in control, I will take you so close to the edge you think you are going to blow your full load but I will always stop you a micro second before. Your cock will tingle, your cock will dribble, and your cock will ache, but you WILL NOT CUM! I explain how if you do manage to make progress there will be rewards, I may even allow you to edge your cock by sliding it inside my stocking tops. Just the thought of this makes your cock strain even more as I edge you again and again teasing you mercilessly with my legs. There are times when you do not think you can make it but you are desperate to please me and not matter how much your cock & balls ache you do not want it to end. But will you make it to the end without blowing your load? Let’s hope you can please Headmistresses in your very first edging session. F0514
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