Humiliation POV - Princess Cin - Findom Relapse Addict - Your Mind Does All The Work For Me

Added: 07-09-2023

Princess Cin!
Here's the thing about findom relapsing, it just gets worse and worse every single time. Those amounts that you used to send, they won't hit the spot anymore. Those deranged things that you used to do to corrupt your mind even more, the desire for them only intensifies. And whenever you gather up enough will power to stay away, you come back a broken, dumb, and more deranged version of yourself.
Your mind starts to wander, I don't even have to do a single thing, your mind does all of the work for me. You attempt to stay away, but your brain is full of never ending thoughts of relapsing, it eats away at you, so you always end up back here because those thoughts are always in the back of your brain, like this annoying little hum that you just can't ignore. And with each day that goes by those sounds intensify until you can't take it anymore. It just take full control of your mind, doesn't it?
Attempting to be a normal man is so draining. But coming right back here where you belong, it feels more natural than anything else. It is your natural state and so you will always be drawn back here. So while you may think that you can quit findom, those fantasies come back, creeping up in your mind, and they come back harder and more deranged. Each time you come back you fantasize about paying more than you did during your last relapse. More than you could ever afford to spend. Just getting to the absolute depths of the rabbit hole, to a degree you have yet to experience. But you are so eager to experience it.
You see you can try all you want, but all paths will ultimately lead you right back here. You can attempt to quit, but every wandering thought you have will be consumed with paying larger amounts than you ever have, as you spiral down deeper and spend more than you ever have. And you'll need to just to get that same rush that you used to. Every relapse costs you more. Findom is your one and only dopamine source. Every time you click and send it just injects your brain with more and more dopamine, and the more you spend the larger the injections. And each relapse elevates those dopamine injections to a whole new level. And you want to experience that, don't you?
You lurk my twitter and watch all those other piggies maxing out their credit cards for me and that makes you so horny, jealous even. They dip their toes into crippling debt that will keep them bound to me. And you, you can't just watch, you need to experience what they're experiencing. You need that rush. You need to show me what a weak, addicted findom toy that you are. You will never quit findom because the journey back here is going to be more ruthless and brutal than it was the last time around. But there's something so hot about this, about relapsing, about intensifying you're already overwhelming urge to pay more than you can. So while you may try and quit, you will find that quitting will only make it come back worse every single time.
Findom owns you and there will never be a way out. Once you're in, once you've had that rush, no other form of sex will ever compare. Ever. And you know it, don't you pig? You can quit but we both know where it's going to lead you. The urge will just burn in the back of your subconscious mind, magnetizing you to your one and only sense of purpose, your one and only sexual stimulation, findom, paying, bankruptcy, debt. You're fucked, there is no hope. There is no quitting, only relapsing harder and harder and harder.
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