Bratty Foot Girls - Nikki Brooks - The Intruder SFX

Added: 11-09-2023

Nikki comes home to find an intruder in her house trying to rob her. She confronts him as he quickly looks for a way out, but before he can make his move Nikki waves her hand and he starts to slowly shrink! Before he knows it he is the size of a GI Joe doll at her tower High heels! she laughs at his new size as she slowly places her massive high heel onto his body. Let's see if you can handle a littlepressure she laughs as her sole closes down on him. He uses all his strength to push her heel off his body as she counts down from 10. This is his first test she says as she is impressed at his strength at that size. Now for the second test she tells him, removing her shoes in the process. Oh but it's not going to be that easy you see, as she waves her hand again and shrinks him even small. Now he stands just under an inch tall between her giant toes. She tells him she wants to test his strength at this size, lowering her massive big toe onto his tiny body. He struggles with all his might to not let the giant toe crush him to! After a few seconds of mocking him, she decides he has passed her second test and removes her toe from his body. Now the final test she says, waving her hand one more time, however this time he is shrunk so small she can barely see him. He;s the size if a grain of sand between her toes now. She decides this new size is just too small and she may as well just randonly stomp her massive bare sole down and hope he doesn't get caught under it. Or else good bye!

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