Crystal Knight - Dr. Crystal Masturbation Counseling 3

Added: 11-09-2023

We're in Dr. Crystal's home office for another masturbation session. Just to show you how insignificant you are I tell you that I 'forgot' about our appointment so I’m in the bikini I had on at the pool. I laugh when I see the panic in your eyes as you imagine how devastated you would be if Dr. Crystal postponed our appointment.
"It's ok Pumpy, I won't make you wait until our next appointment to empty your balls. You can start jerking now. So weak, so addicted to jerking off to big tits. It's really pathetic."
Last week I told you that every time you got the urge to play with yourself in between our sessions I wanted me to write down what triggered it. I expected it to be just one sheet of paper but you hand me a stack of 30 pages.
"Let's see how weak and disgusting you are. 'TV commercial for sun tan lotion, cute girl at the mall, Victoria's Secret catalog some one brought to work.'
"Lol, you really love to play with yourself. You need to accept the fact that you're a pervert. A cock stroking loser. A filthy masturbator. It says here you got caught jerking off at work...again."
I tell you I consulted with another Dr. about your case. In reality we were telling each other about our most pathetic patients and laughing at their craving for.
"Betas like you need to masturbate a lot. Let's increase your appointments to 5 days a week." Laugh as I cum to the idea of getting to pump to Dr. Crystal even more than I do now.
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