Humiliation POV - Lucid Lavender - Thirsty Little Loser Boy Drinks His Milk

Added: 27-03-2023

Lucid Lavender!
Hey loser boy, you do look thirsty. Are you gonna make yourself some nice fresh milk for you to sip on? Is that what youre gonna do for me? Are you already getting ready? You saw this clip and you just couldnt help yourself. Your cock started to throb and you couldnt even wait for the video to download and start, you just couldnt help it, you had to touch your cock. Youre good with one hand, arent you? You click around and think about how much milk youre gonna drink because youre thirsty. Say it, say, Im a thirsty little loser boy. Mistress make me drink my cum. Say it with me. Make me drink my cum.
Do you wanna ? And you know what makes me happy? Seeing you get all worked up and excited and make a huge mess and then seeing you drink it up. Lapping it up. But what would be even better is if I had you here with me and I made you jerk off until you came and then I could take your head and shove it down to make sure you really did drink it all. Loser boys need their milk, dont they? Yes, loser boys need their cum.
Tell me about the first time you drank your cum. Tell me about the thoughts that were going through your head. You just had this amazing orgasm and maybe it was to a video where someone was telling you to do it. Or did you just think of it yourself? Maybe you made a huge mess and there wasnt a towel around so you thought, Maybe Ill just lick it off my hand now, it cant taste that bad. And you loved it, didnt you? It made you feel kinda dirty but in a really sexy way. Did you drink it and then feel so excited that you had to go back for more?
How many times do you jerkoff every day? And do you eat your cum every time you orgasm? Is it like a constant thing? Im sure it is. You are a little loser boy, a little cum eating slut. Dont you wanna ? Then prove it to me. Stroke your cock faster. If you can cum more than once during this video, please do. Dont go easy on yourself. I want you to get as much milk as you can. I want you to be the best little cum slut you can be! Are you a little cum slut? You wanna beg for it, Please Mistress make me cum, I just wanna lap it all up. Im so thirsty. LOL!
Ill bet when youre not touching your dick youre thinking about touching your dick. And Ill bet when youre not watching my clips youre thinking about watching my clips. And Ill bet you think about coming in and seeing me in person and thinking about how hot it would be if I made you eat your cum right in front of me. But for now lets jerk it together, ok? Jerk with me while I laugh at you lol. Youre so close, its so hard to hold back but... stop stroking right now. Was that hard to do? But did it feel good to obey me? Of course it did! Go on, keep stroking, I just wanted to play around a little bit and see what I could make you do from inside of a screen.
Whenever you can, I want you to cum for me. Just cum for me. And when youre all done, clean it up. Get every little drop off of your hand and if some got on the floor, kneel the fuck down and lick it up. LOL! You really are a loser boy, arent you? You really are just a cum eating loser boy.

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