Taylor Made Fetish - Ashlynn Taylor - Taboo Annihilation

Added: 19-03-2023

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Cloth or something to in hand, spray bottle in other hand, cleaning after step-mom made you do chores. See something small on table. 
Puzzled what it could be, it's moving... a bug? Moving to spray it, while getting closer to look and stop yourself realising it's a tiny shrunk little....person! On even closer look, omg!!?
Very sympathetic. He's got so small, it's like you're a giant now.
Your poor step-bro, all the way down there frantically waving and shouting in the hope the humongous giant ....his own step-sis, would see him in time and not accidently finish him like some worthless, valueless little insect. 
Lifting him up into hands, close to face. Fascinated with how small and terrified he is in the palm of his hand. It.must be so scary to be so small and helpless held by a huge giant peering down at him. He's so small you could do....anything to him. 
You could, literally, feed him to yourself and make a meal out of your own step-bro. No more competition between you, one winner.
Showing off mouth, it must be TERRIFYING to look into your own step-sis's mouth knowing you're going to go in there and your own step-sister is going to eat you.... ALIVE!
So fucked up but you must confess his step-sis's pussy is drenching your panties at the thought of your own step-brother being so scared in your mouth, in your drool, sloshing around, seeing your teeth, and tonsils/back of throat as he slides closer and closer to the edge. It will be so I tense to feel a living person slide down your throat and enter into your body as he squirms and screams and ends up in his step-sis's belly, sloshing around with her half digested breakfast, waiting to suffer the same fate.
Taking your phone out, you'll take a selfie of him screaming in your mouth begging not to go inside you. Long after he's gone, you will still be fucking your pussy by rewatching his final moments on your phone.
Licking, open mouth moans, confessing how you're going to masturbate to his demise, what a bad step-sis you are. You parents will never know because this time tomorrow, his skeleton will be dumped out his step-sis's perfect ass and flushed away like he was nothing.
This is so fucked up, but he's going to make his step-sis cum. Down the hatch little step-bro, make me cum. Lower in.
Swallow, rubbing belly, cumming talking about him inside, going to lose his life to his cruel step-sis. Your parents would be so upset if they knew he was digesting in his selfish, uncaring step-sis's belly right now
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