LusciousxLuci - handcuffed and mind fucked by your wife pt2

Added: 19-03-2023

It’s been nearly a year since your wife tricked you into becoming her handcuffed sex slave. She’s kept you caged in the basement this whole time, locked in a chastity while you’re completely restrained and helpless in a hogtie and blindfold. Tonight she comes downstairs to chat with you about a little problem she has…. since you’ve been kept in the cage she’s been starved of sex. She plans to take you upstairs to the bedroom where you will satisfy her every need until she’s ready to let you out of your chastity. She pulls out a dildo to demonstrate to you how bad she’s craving your nice hard cock slip inside her, to torturously tease you with how bad you wish it could be your cock making her cum… She explains everything to you about when she takes you upstairs, you’ll be tied to the bed with a ballgag that only comes out when it is time for you to eat her pussy til she cums all over your face. After a few days of this, she’ll finally let you out of your chastity. If you can manage not to cum all over her hands as soon as it comes off— she’s going to fuck you til she drains every last drop of cum out of your desperate cock. Your wife seduces you into agreeing, convinces you this is what you both need. The thought of what she’s about to do to you makes her cum so hard you nearly lose it yourself! But you have to wait for a few more days. til that gets to be your cock making her cum. For now, get some rest, and she’ll take you upstairs in the morning to begin the next part of her sadistically sexy games.

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