Miss Melissa - Goddess Worship Session and JOI

Added: 17-03-2023

I appear in front of you in a velvet dress and knee high boots. I get your attention with a crop that is in My hand. How badly do you crave Me? Lucky pet, do as I say and worship Me! I make you strip and get on your knees. I tell you to jerk off as I make you say things out loud. I tell you when to stop. I chat with you, control you and make you worship My ass, My legs, My boots and My body. I make you declare your love for Me! I make you kiss My goddess body all over. Suddenly, I snap, whipping you and telling you to get on the floor. Follow My directions, pet! Slipping off My dress, I tower over you in lingerie. I tell you when to jerk off and when to stop. My ass is perfect and I make you worship it. You did say you will do anything to please Me, huh? I make you lick and worship My knee high boots. Gross! I laugh and tease you. Tormenting you more and more, I float above you, just out of reach. Can you feel the heat from My body? Can you smell Me? I break you and you are ready to do ANYTHING for ME. Laughing, I make you hump My boots. How humiliating! From now on, you are entirely mine, My property, My pet. I spit in your mouth. I tell you where to cum and what to do with it after.
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