Princess Camryn - The Power of Persuasion

Added: 15-03-2023

My power of persuasion will always overcome any rationality you believe yourself to have. Whatever power you can conjure up in your intelligent mind, I will always defeat. When you're staring up at me, all your power and resistance goes out the door. Suddenly you find yourself aching to give into me. You are and always will be in the palm of my hand. You are rendered completely helpless, you will do anything I tell you to do. Suddenly all the new and dangerous ideas begin to enter your head. I love to push you to let your imagination run wild. Then I push you to make it all a reality. Eventually you give into my power.
You would confess any secret to me. You would hand over all your info about your triggers and weaknesses and fantasies. You love the way I can make you do anything. I can get whatever I want from you. You know how dangerous I can be, but you simply can't resist. You want to be my pet, my property, my play thing, to be completely at my mercy. You want to make all your fantasies a reality. So you're going to hand over whatever I want today. You're going to give yourself to me completely.

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