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Added: 15-03-2023

Ready for the next step loser... youve done so much to prove yourself as a loyal slave but not enough. You want to be the best then you have to take the next step.
I want you to suck cock for me, Big Black cock. I want you to suck it properly lots of tongue, spit and plenty of gagging. Not that thats going to be a problem, this black cock is going to be the thickest, lengthiest cock you have ever seen.
Dressed in skin tight latex leggings and a leather top, Im well and truly dressed for the mistress role today arent I? You can call me your latex mistress ... I love how weak seeing me dressed like this has made you. I bet if I asked you to bend over and take this big black cock in your little ass you wouldnt even say no would you!
Oh youre a little bit scared are you... never had one that big before. Dont worry it will be fine, why dont you take a sniff from mistresss special little . Ill count you in and on 3 I want you to inhale as deep and as hard as you can. Ready 1..2..3..mmmm now whilst your heads spinning, think about how good that cock is going to feel inside your ass.
Why dont we do that a few times, loosen you up, long hard deep inhales. Now turn round and spread those arse cheeks. This big black cock is coming for you. And youre going to let it fuck you hard and deep until my cum countdown.

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