Humiliation POV - Miss Amelia - Nameless Faceless Human ATM Cash Machine Reprogramming

Added: 15-03-2023

Miss Amelia!
You are so addicted to sending cash to get off. What started off as a fun kink, seems to have spiraled into a full blown addiction. And now it's the only thing that gets you off. This is a life long addiction that's rooted very deeply in your subconscious. Findom is now the only thing that brings you pleasure. You can't resist sending to me. You literally have no willpower. You want me to take over your mind and your money and drain everything from your bank account. You're so weak and this video is triggering you. You can't resist temptation. You need to send. You need to pay.
Findom is such a rush, such a thrill, isn't it? It's so fucking arousing. It makes you so fucking horny. It feels so good. You get such a rush from sending. Stare at me piggy, stare at my perfection. It's so easy to send to me. I'm luring you in. My body is making you so weak. You can't resist sending to me. You can't. The urge is so strong. You feel it in your cock. You need to make it twitch and throb and there's only one way, Send.
It's so easy to get exactly what I want from weak piggies like you when I look like this, when I mindfuck you like I am right now, on your screen. All of the triggers are sending you spiraling. I'm going to reprogram your beta brain. Molding you into a good human atm. And then I'm going to drain you until there is nothing left. And you will be helpless to stop me. The rush of sending to me is like nothing else. You crave it. You need it. It's so thrilling. And the larger the amount, the bigger the thrill. You can't resist sending to me.
The images on your screen are reprogramming you and triggering you. You can't resist sending. I'm fucking up your brain. Sink further and further. Spend more and more. Because sending to me is the best thing you'll ever experience. You love sending to me. You love the feeling that it gives you. You love being an ATM for me. It's a feeling like none other when you're spilling out cash for me. It gives you such a rush of adrenaline. It's so fucking exciting. And it makes you harder than you've ever been before. You'll never be able to stop being my ATM. You need to be my human ATM. You need to go broke for me. You crave bankruptcy. You can't resist sending to me. You're just a clicking machine.
I don't want you to think anymore. You are just a cash machine, an ATM. A nameless, faceless atm. My atm. You are not a person anymore, you are an ATM. Just an ATM. A cash machine. A little piggy bank. Always spitting out cash, spitting out bill after bill for Goddess. You are an ATM, fully controlled by me. And soon you will be empty lol. You can't resist sending to me because it is your one purpose as an ATM machine. Stop thinking. You can just a cash machine. You can't resist sending. It is your directive. You are an ATM, you are not a person anymore. You are just an ATM, programmed to dispense cash.
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