Mistress Noel Knight - Final Fatality with My Trash Compactor

Added: 15-03-2023

Oh! Looks like you're finally awake! I know you don't know who I am. Don't worry, I'll explain everything to you. My company of women specialize in ridding the world of men like you. I've been hired by someone you know to off you in an extremely painful way. There's no one coming to save you. The first three weeks of this experience with me will be the longest: there's so many different ways to make you cry and scream. You'll be in pain from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. No inch of you will go unpunished! You will be in absolute agony for those three whole weeks. You'll become so very acquainted with my instruments of torment! Every day I'll come down into the dungeon that you're locked in and subject you to new measures of agony. No matter how much you plead or bargain won't matter to me. Alas, you eventually must come to an end. After your three weeks are up, I'll bundle your broken self into this big garbage bag where you'll sit in the garbage can for a full week. You'll be outside with the stinking trash, in god knows what sort of weather, knowing the end is coming. You'll be rotting away with the rest of the garbage without food or water, and at the end of those seven days, you'll hear the garbage truck rumbling down the street. That's my company's truck. A crew of women will scoop you up and toss you into the back of the garbage truck with all the rest of the filthy trash where you'll get compacted. You'll beg for your end, squished into oblivion... This was an extreme custom that was absolutely too deliciously cruel not to share!
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