Humiliation POV - Sara Saint - Sara s Potion - Sniff and Go Blank Sensual Mind Reprogramming

Added: 19-09-2023

You’re such a good boy, always coming back to me. You need me. Today we’re going to talk about your future. Although there won’t be much talking from you, just listening. Because I am the one who will decide what your future will look like, years, even decades from now. This is a very serious conversation, so I want you to listen intently to every word that I speak and how I speak them. Exciting, isn’t it? You’re so lucky to have someone like me who can decide everything for you so that you don’t need to think or worry. You can just relax while I gently plant triggers into your mind. Good boy. I want to make sure that every single word that I utter, goes straight into your weak mind. I need your full focus on me. I need your brain blank and ready to receive new information from me. I have here a bottle, a bottle of my perfume, it’s Sara’s Potion. It’s so exciting for you because you have never tried this before. But don’t worry, I will tell you how it works. It has secret properties mixed with my perfume and a little bit of magic. You’re going to love this. And in order for it to work it’s full effect on you, you will have to sniff it bit by bit. I will tell you when, and with every inhale, your brain will melt more and more. It will be easier and easier for me to put new information into your brain. It will be easier for me to get you under my influence. You will do it for Goddess, you have to. As I told you what we are going to discuss is very important, so you have to inhale my divine potion. Don’t be shy, go for it. Sniff my perfume. Sniff my potion and you will begin to feel the effects very quickly. Now begin to worship me with your cock in your hand. When you jerk for me you get so weak. My potion and your jerking are the perfect combination for me to control you, to make your mind weak. Stroke to my body. Start by worshiping my feet, my heels, my toes, all the way up my long legs. It’s an honor for you to be able to bow down to my feet. Now work your way up my long, toned legs, feel the desire running through your veins, feel the potion in your weak beta mind. Now I know you want to go a bit higher on my body and worship my perfect, young ass. But for that, I need you to sniff more of Sara’s Potion. Good boy. Sniff it and come closer to my perfect ass and sniff the potion. Stare at my ass, feel it taking over your mind. Your screen is filling up your brain. It’s an honor for you to be able to worship my ass on your screen. Now move up my body, past my flat, sexy tummy, up to my young, perky tits. Jerk. Worship me. Goon. Get lost in me. Sniff some more of my potion from in between my perfect tits. Deeper. Good boy. Your mind is so weak right now. You can’t stop staring, nothing exists, only my body, my voice, my face and the magic of my potion. Now that you are literally under my spell and have zero resistance left, your mind is blank and open to my commands. It’s time for me to tell you about your future. Your future is to be my loyal jerk slave. To be my best jerk slave, to be my good boy, to be entirely mine, consumed by me. I want you to be dedicated to me, to my image on your screen, to be dedicated to the words I’m planting in your mind. You are my goon slave. Worship me. Serve me. Make serving me your sole purpose. You are mine. You can’t deny it. You smelled my potion and now it’s inside of you, it’s in your mind, your veins, it’s in your whole body. Every cell in your body is whispering my name. You only function for me. And this is a privilege for you, to exist in my world, to be here, with me. You’re so lucky to have found me. And you’re so lucky that I take the time to implant these thoughts in your mind, so lucky to have someone like me planning your future, because you need that, you need someone like me to guide you and break you free from your lost existence. I am helping you to become a better slave and complete your purpose. Devote your life to me and I will bring you pleasure like you’ve never experienced before.

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