Kaidence King - Laundry instructions

Added: 27-01-2023

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This video contains extremely specific instructions on washing yourself in the washing machine. There is no nudity or sensuality in this video. I would recommend only purchasing this video if you intend to go through with the laundry and enema instructions because 90% of this video is just specific instructions, the other 10% domination /.
I walk into the room in tight jeans, a black tank top and black leather heels. Im on the phone to my friend and im laughing, until I see the pile of dirty laundry. I tell my friend ill have to call her back, then I shout, Come to laundry room now, slave! Why isnt the laundry done? Get on your knees when your Goddess is speaking to you slave, have you learnt nothing?! I tell you to go and get your ‘humbler and come back and put it on, under your chastity device which youre already wearing. I give you instructions to prepare the washing machine for the cycle, telling you which detergents to add in and even instruct you to add dish soap, bar soap and shampoo. Then I tell you to fill up your enema bag with hot water and all the same dish soaps, detergents and shampoos you put in the washing machine. And put a bar of soap in your mouth so I cant hear you complaining. Before you put the wash on, I tell you to get your wooden bath brush and spank yourself hard 5 times on each cheek as a punishment for not doing my laundry on time. Now its time to do the laundry. I make you start the enema flow and put your head in the machine and start the cycle, telling you ill be back when its done. And youre going to feel like a piece of my laundry when this cycle is done. Because thats what you are to me, now that youre not being an obedient slave. Youre just a piece of dirty fabric. I come back when the washing cycle is finished and ask you how it felt. I tell you to keep your enema in until all the loads of laundry are done. This is your life now. You could have done my laundry properly, but from now on, every time you do it, youll be laundering yourself and cleaning your ass. Your fault, not mine! Remember, you are just laundry now and you will be treated as such for the rest of your life, slave.
Length of actual video not including credits/titles: 16:28
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